Terms & conditions

Terms & Conditions

How to enter:

Leave a comment on the video for this parts guitar build on the Giant_Guitars YouTube channel naming your favourite Pokemon game or (if you don’t have a favourite game) just comment saying you want entered in the comp.

End date:

Competition ends midnight (UK time) on Sunday 21st January 2024.

Live draw will take place shortly after the end date (TBC and announced on our socials)

How much does it cost?

NOTHING – This is FREE to enter, please do not attempt to send money to enter this competition.

Live draw:

Live draw to select the winner will take place on our YouTube channel after the competition closes. Stay up-to-date on exact dates and timings by watching our social media channels.

A spreadsheet list of all entrants and subscribers will be created after the competition closes.

This spreadsheet will be used to select the winner at random.

The live draw will be completed using Google’s random number generator.

Please note if you are subscribed to the channel and wish to take part your subscriptions need to be set to public otherwise we cannot see that you are subscribed to the channel.

Excluded entrants:

All personal friends and family members of Giant Guitars are excluded from this competition.

We will try to weed these members out from the entry list however should a friend or family member be selected during the live draw then a further draw will take place to choose a new winner.

Entrants attempting to enter via multiple YouTube accounts or ‘bots’ will be excluded if found out.

How to claim the prize?

The prize must be claimed by the winner within 30 days of the live draw.

If the winner has not claimed the prize within 30 days a further draw will take place to select a new winner.

Please ensure you keep an eye out for comments with your username tagged and if possible attach an email address to your YouTube channel so we can contact you if you win.

How will I get the guitar?

If you win we will ship the guitar directly to you, we will take responsibility for the shipping costs.

Worldwide entries are accepted, so long as your country is not listed on the countries the UK is banned from trading with: please see for more info.

How will I know if I have won?

Please watch our live draw to check if you have won – you can either do this live or when we post it after the draw.

We will also make attempts to tag the winner in posts and contact them via direct message.

If you receive a message from us please be 100% sure that this is the official Giant Guitars page before providing any personal info.

We WILL NOT ask for payment of any kind for this competition so please do not fall for scammers pretending to be us.

How we handle personal data:

The only data we will hold is our subscriber list of usernames which is available to us from YouTube – these usernames will be used to create the entry list and select a winner.

We will ask the winner for a shipping address, this personal data will be used ONLY to pass to our courier. We will NOT share this personal data with anyone else and we will not store it after the guitar has been delivered successfully.

We are NOT asking for personal data in order to enter this competition, only claim the prize so please do not send us your personal data unless you have won. Please do not send personal data to anyone pretending to be Giant Guitars.

Affiliations and sponsors:

This competition is run solely by Giant Guitars and is in no way, whatsoever, associated with YouTube, Google, Instagram, Facebook or any other entity.

What is the actual prize?

The prize is our blue Partscaster guitar that we made for less than £200 (photos at the top of this page) Рcheck out that video on our YouTube channel.

We will give the guitar a clean and basic setup prior to shipping.

How long will shipping take?

This very much depends on where the winner is located. We are UK based so if it is within the UK it will be a matter of days however please allow for longer for locations outside the UK.

The shipping will be an economy service but we will provide full tracking details once it is dispatched.

Please note we cannot account for courier losses and, although we hope this will never happen, if the courier loses your prize we will not be in a position to replace it due to the custom/unique nature of these guitars ūüôĀ we are sorry but sometimes couriers lose items. 

Custom fees for imports:

Shipping to the winner is 100% free, we will pay for that however some countries may wish to change import taxes at the point of entry/prior to delivery.

As we are based in Northern Ireland we are currently still aligned with the UK and EU so there should not be any customs to pay for UK or EU winners – if you are from UK or EU and win this guitar please contact us for more info should your customs department attempt to charge fees.

The guitar will be declared as a gift and the value set so hopefully there will not be any fees for those outside of UK and EU however every country has it’s own sets of rules which we cannot completely account for, these customs fees will be the winner’s responsibility to pay should they occur.